Living Liberia Fabric

Authoring the Living Liberia Fabric: A Generative and Interactive Narrative for Peace, Truth, and Reconciliation

D. Fox Harrell
Michael Best
Hank Blumenthal
Ayoka Chenzira
Christopher Gonzales
Andrew Roberts
Natasha Powell
Deji Fajebe
Jason Lee
Paul O'Neil
Arjun Tomar
Electronic Literature Organization Conference, Providence, Rhode Island, 2010.

Living Liberia Fabric

The Living Liberia Fabric, initiated in affiliation with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Liberia, is an interactive, web-based narrative supporting the goal of lasting peace after years of civil war (1979-2003). It links concerns for liberation, dignity, and the future with needs for cultural foundations, human rights, truth, and reconciliation. Our system is based in Liberia's culture and the specifics of the conflicts, hence representing our cultural computing perspective.


The Final Report of the Republic of Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) states:

While Liberia has often been hailed as one of the only African nations never to be colonized, the historical facts are more complex. The settlements of repatriated Africans were in fact, governed by white American agents of the American Colonization Society for the first several years of their existence.

… the American Colonization Society, and later the fledgling Liberian government, was at war with various indigenous tribes over territory and trade routes throughout the 1800s. Liberia’s complex history created a 'state of contestation' which remains today a major source of conflict and disunity.

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Living Liberia Fabric
Interactive Narrative
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